JUNE 02–03, 2017, MADRID

1st Annual Conference On Chinese Studies From An Austrian School Perspective

Students, researchers or anyone interested in Chinese studies & insights of the Austrian School are welcome.

CCA presents an international and Austrian School perspective as an interdisciplinary gathering of scholars focusing their research on Chinese Studies, including economics, politics, philosophy, sociology, history, liberal ethics, etc.

Anyone interested in the above topics is welcome to join CCA conference. We are also calling for papers from scholars, including students and professors. You will have opportunities to present your paper proposals during the conference. We provide publishing opportunities for high quality papers.

CCA 2017 is organized by Zhuangzi Institute.

Conference Address:
Calle de Atocha, 45
Madrid, 28012
(34) 916217542



Christopher Lingle Professor of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín


William Wang Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Universidad Complutense


Antonio Vegas Ph.D. Candidate, SOAS, University of London


Javier Caramés Profesor, Centro de Lenguas, Universidad IE


Ziyun Dong Ph.D. Candidate in History, Zhejiang University, joint Ph.D. Candidate in Law, Ghent University


Xiong Yue VP of Bixin M.S. in Food Science, Southwest University, M.A. in Economics, URJC


Wei Wu Ph.D. Candidate in Finance, University of Birmingham


Henrique Schneider Head of Economics Policy at Swiss Federation of SME



Opening Remark

William Wang

Key Speech 1: Sinology and Austrian School

Christopher Lingle

Key Speech 2: A Libertarian Confucius? Some Preliminary Thoughts

Ziyun Dong

Panel 1: Benefits & Challenges of an Austrian School Perspective on Chinese Studies

Christopher Lingle, Ziyun Dong, William Wang, Antonio Vegas, Wei Wu

Session 1 Chinese Political and Economic Situation in Austrian Perspective

Current, General Politic Situation in China

William Wang

Business Cycle and Chinese Economy

Christopher Lingle


Session 2 Chinese History in Austrian Perspective

Overlooked Free-market Insights in "Biographies of Wealthy Merchants (Huozhi liezhuan)"

Chao Pan

Edwin Kemmerer's Gold Standard Theory and the Establishment of China's First Central Bank in 1928

William Wang

Session 3 Chinese Philosophy in Austrian Perspective

Freedom in Eastern World

Antonio Vegas

Guanzi and politics for the individual

Henri Schneider

¿ Cómo entender la libertad en la China clásica? (Español/English)

Javier Caramés

Session 4 Entrepreneurship and Current Chinese Business Situation

Electronic Payment in China

Tyler Xiong

Wenzhou Pattern and Chinese Entrepreneurs

Isla He

Artificial Credit Expansion as the Basis for Incorrect Investment Choices of Chinese Entrepreneurs

Alan Bi

Panel 2: Religion, Culture, and Liberty: the Current Situation of Chinese LGBT Community (Español/English)

Christopher Lingle, William Wang, Antonio Vegas, Ziyun Dong, Benito Ou

⚽ Special Event

After the conference, we are planning to watch the UEFA Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs Juventus, 20:45.

Join us at Calle del Príncipe, 12, Madrid.


Entry is free and walk-in is welcome, pre-registration helps us serve you better


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